I want to thank you for the BEST cleaning product on the market. I am a new mother who is always looking for easy and very importantly, chemical-free, methods of cleaning. The windows were 1st - amazing... then the mirrors, countertops, everything I could think of. Bragging, of course, of my new find to my mother who has always been known for her squeaky clean house - I had to give up 1 of my 2 clothes. She has bragged to all her friends so we're starting with an order of 5 more (I just placed online) and I'm sure more will come. Thank you for offering this cloth ~ you have to use it to believe it. Good bye Windex!
My mother gave me an Ultimate Cloth. She got it from a friend who got them someplace I can't remember. However, I've used it today for the first time, and am sold. I'm ordering more for me and as gifts for my family and friends. I also wanted to tell you that I used it on my cherry hardwood floor and it looks like it's been polished. Thank you for a product that lives up to the hype.
-M. Kunst
FABULOUS! I have an online store, but I am also a Contract Cleaner! THESE ARE THE BEST! I can do the windows, inside and out, in 1/3 the time! WITHOUT THE WASTE of paper towels! YAY for the trees, right? AND NO Chemicals on my hands or in the air! YAY for me AND for the environment! Thank-you!
Dining room mirror, solarium windows, dark brown acrylic shower, marble countertop, buildup on wooden arms of an upholstered chair, and on and on and on. I've never had so much fun cleaning!
-M. Livingston
I was so amazed how easy this cloth cleans and the windows and mirrors with NO streaks. My car windows where my dog's little nose was all over and wipe with the magic of the cloth, GONE and truly streak free. Thank you
-C. Peeling


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